Ulaanbaatar Impex

СХД, 20-р хороо, Орбитын гудамж, Улаанбаатар импекс


Our mission:

  • To promote business activity of branches and units of Nomin Holding Co.,Ltd.
  • To provide with complete services necessary for business entities and individuals who run business in domestic and foreign markets and have mutually beneficial business relationship with them.
  • To provide a complete supply chain management for our clients – importer and manufacturers – with world class standard in handling and hygiene.


Refrigerated warehouse service:

We have refrigerated warehouse with 470 tons capacity and 3168 cubic meter area cooling storage facilities for storing frozen food at -12C to -25C temperatures for short-term and long-term leasing. The warehouse was equipped with camera and have 24 hour guards.

The Ulaanbaatar Impex building complex is built with equipment that meets the standards handling and storing as well as sales outlet usage. It has 4 levels with total of 3168 square meters. There are 8 elevators for loading and unloading goods and 2 passenger elevators.

Chemical Laboratory:

“Eco Standard” accredited laboratory tests wide scope of chemical, toxicological, microbiological analysis for household products, plastic products, toys, cosmetics, all types of food products and other products with high quality.

High quality chemical test will be done within 3 days. We are willing to service for foreign and domestic business entities and individuals.

"Za" brand of meat and meat products trade and service:

We supply nutritious pork, chicken, lamb, beef and meat products which meet the needs of the Mongolian people and were sorted and packed according to customers’ needs. We sell lamb and beef dumplings, cutlet and meatballs, filet and all sort meat in supply chain supermarkets of Nomin Holding LLC.

We will be pleased to supply meat and meat products to the all organizations as a hotel, a restaurant, a school and a kinder-garden.

Our products are sold in “Nomin” supply chain supermarkets, hypermarkets and state department store and we deliver our products FREE in Ulaanbaatar city if you will make reservations by below phone.

Transportation and vehicles

We have delivering service by 60 trucks with the loading capacity from 1 tons up to 40 tons in rural areas and in the city.  We also have 4 self-loading trucks with 1.5 tons capacity and 20 hand pallet truck and heated garages.


Logistic team of Ulaanbaatar Impex division of The Nomin Holding LLC engages freight forwarding service and upholds the interests of the client. We will transport your cargo by using possible ways as a rail, an air, an ocean and an auto in short time from origin country and ensures quality, security and standard and provide tracing information on time and service door to door.

Also our authorized representatives control cargo which is crossing the border and makes customs clearance in the city or at the border quickly.

Railroad services:

There are 2 railroads with 803 meter length. 18 wagons can be loaded or unloaded at the same time in the platform. There is also 1676 square meter sized outdoor storage with no heating.

Custom controlled yard:

Our friendly, creative and professional team provides inbound international freight for customs controlled warding services. The customs controlled yard is 8340 square meters with 356 square meters customs transit storage facility, equipped with 32 tons capacity crane. The yard has the capacity to load or unload 80-90 containers at the same time.

Customs protected storage service:

We lease our customs storage facilities to importers at competitive market price. The 3600 square meter sized customs storage has a capacity of 3243 tons and store goods from -12C to -25C and -25C to -35C degrees. These storages also have integrated bar code check in and check out control devices for storing and clearing of goods.

Customs one stop shop service

Unit of Mongolian Customs, Unit of Metropolitan Specialized inspection Department and commercial bank located in Ulaanbaatar Impex to service customers who imported goods by our customs bonded area. 


  • 3-storey office building available for rent per sq/m at competitive market price
  • Official representatives of Nomin Union and Nomin Insurance branches
  • 30 ton capacity, 12 meter long car weighing scale
  • 956 sq/m wholesale warehouse for construction materials
  • 20-ton, 40-ton containers for storage and warehouse use that is being rent to individuals and companies at the lowest market price
  • Iron plant and car drive-testing areas
  • Drive testing area
  • Public food court and buffet

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