Nomin Realtor

Khan-Uul district, Chingis's urgun chuluu, Nomin United



“Nomin realtor LLC” was established in 2012 as a subsidiary of “Nomin Holding”. It’s aim is to develop company’s wallmarts, objects, properties, and ownership, which are in service now. Also, provide the maintenance and service. Since 2014, our company is woking as a property exchange, mediation, auction under the purpose of selling in the second market with the high quality.

Our main goal:

Be the valueable company that satisfies the requirement of customers, clients and try our best to embrace contribution to “Nomin Holding”’s purpose.

Distant sight:

Positivity from smirk

Honesty from the trust,

Invent from the simple things.

Our bdelluim:

  • Trustful and respectful
  • Complaisance
  • Justice
  • High discipline, high responsibility
  • Professional ablities  
  • Leading position, hegemony, high mindset
  • Initiator
  • Creativity and assistable

Nayword: The world nows NOMIN

“Nomin Realtor LLC” is now functioning on 4 sections which are property exchange, mediation, rent, installation and assembly of constructions.

Our advantages:

  • Fully invested by Local
  • Spread our informations to thousand of peaple by all subsidiaries of “NOMIN”.
  • Domesticated the 21st Century Franchises of servicing property.
  • Has a team of local interior design and architechtor team.
  • Has a team that have a 25 years of experience in engineering field
  • Has a team of professional managers in property exchange.
  • Constant clients.
  • Plan the construction finance by ourself.
  • 25 years of experienced service team.

Currently, we have a 2 tributary ( Financing tributary,Engineering tributary) to manage the finance and property rental of 210,000 m2 area. Financing tributory is operating with C21 property unit.

In last 4 years, we started up 20000 m2 area with the fully accomplished. Our sale increased by 166% in 2017. We are aiming to construct 22000m2 area in 2018-2020

Our accomplishments:

In 2008

  • “Best realtor company” in “Realtor 2008” expo.
  • “Top 2 Realtor company” of Banking and insurance in “Grand Expo 2008”

In 2009

  • “Best Habitation” in Construction expo 2009.
  • “Best company that was operating in crisis.
  • Awarde “Best new construction” from MCUD and Chief of Governor’s office.

In 2011

  • “Best habitation project” from MRTD and Association of Mongolian construction field,
  • “Best investior in construction field”
  •     “Performer of the year”