Nomin Realtor

Khan-Uul district, Chingis's urgun chuluu, Nomin United


NOMIN Realtor  was established in 2005, as a subsidiary of NOMIN Holding Co.,Ltd for trading real estates. The branch comprises the following units:  

- Trade affairs- the unit is responsible for organizing auctions, trade fair, consultation, advertisement of assets, including real estates, antique and highly valuable items. Moreover, it provides consultation of insurance and financial activities.  

The subsidy is responsible for maintenance of  NOMIN Holding properties as well as procurement, and trading of residence apartments newly constructed by the company. In perspective, the company aims to expand its activities and improve services up to the international standards. We permanently improve our practices and therefore try to continuously provide our customers and clients fast and efficient services.
Since 2008, we commenced Reality Time show program broadcasting with TM television for property introduction, advertisement, and sales as well as publicizing antique and valuable items providing to the public detail information about the products. 

Up to date, the company has introduced the following real estates to the local construction market:

“River Garden luxury village" high class residence apartments "Unur Erdenet" residential town /in Orkhon-Uul province/ "Tsetsee Gun" complex Rental lounges for trading and service businesses.

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