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Sales office: 25, Peace Ave., State Department Store Bldg # 6, Ulaanbaatar 15172, MONGOLIA Tel: 976 99093112 Address: Nomin Fashion a division of ''Nomin Trading'' Co.,LTD “Nomin United”, Khan-Uul district, Chinggis Avenue, Ulaanbaatar 17042, Mongolia, 210136, P.O.Box 2316




Nomin fashion the branch of Nomin Trading LLC which has been engaging activities of readymade clothes importing sales and services has established in August 2003 with the mission of “Mongolian people feel the use of brand and ahead with the trends in the world”. For the purpose to fulfill the needs of the customers of Nomin who seeking prestigious, stylish and quality brand –the first brand shops were opened in the department store.

The first contract partners since 2003 such as Tom Tailor, Puma, Coccodrillo, Casa moda, The North Face, Geox, Clarks, Rieker, Giudi, Marino Orlandi, Golden point, Pompea, Bellafonte, Daniel Hechter, Royrobson, Bugatti brands, we are still cooperating with long and sustainable activities.

In 2010, the prestigious German brand s.Oliver which is business and leisure women's, men's and children's clothes 5 stores has opened in the department and our activities has expanded in Fashion market for all ages.

In 2013, on the 10-year anniversary, the first franchise branch of Mango stores has opened in the department store and created opportunities for young women aged 20-45 ahead with the fashion trends in the world.

In 2014, Next, Terranova, Calliope shops which has franchisor right was opened in the State Department Store and Nomin department store and made opportunities for middle-income consumers of all ages to ahead with Fashion trends in the world.

Our activities:

In the first half of 2016, Nomin Fashion branch operating it is activities in 4 franchise stores with 300-1000m² area and 30 exclusive and official right brand shops with 50-200m² areas, 28 points of sales of Nomin chain store, 1 subsidiary  company, and total of 200 employees and more than 80 foreign and domestic partners and have operating successful operations.

We expanded our bussines scope, we are planning to open new branch of Terranova brand in Nomin-All mart which placed 13th district at this March /2016/. This ready-made clothing store has consistent with international standards 800m2 trade area and which is one of the biggest store of ready-made garments store and distribute latest fashion garments to modern youth and teenagers.

And at the State Department Store, we are planning to open 2nd branch store of Calliope brand which is new and young brand of Italy.

Our scopes:

By the first half of 2016, Nomin Fashion branch has leading in Mongolian readymade clothes import market, especially in the

  • Franchise readymade  clothes market
  • Children brand apparel market, respectively.

We look forward, with the respectable mission of “Mongolian people feel the use of brand and allow ahead with Fashion trends in the world” preferring the quality, price and style and aiming to open branch stores in locals. 

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