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We provide our customers with high quality, well-accepted

products and services all under one roof

With the aim of bringing internationally recognized well-known household brands and products to Mongolian customers, Nomin Home Style has established successful business relationships with more than 100 international suppliers all over the world. We strive to be first to introduce, represent and promote leading international brands in Mongolia. Our team seeks for innovative solutions for modern home styling and furnishing to be the pioneer with the freshest idea for our customers’ satisfaction.

Working under the motto “For those, who love their family”, we provide  broad band of high quality products including housewares, glassware, ironware, tableware, crystal ware,  cleaning products, toys, stationary and office supplies, souvenirs and home decorations, furniture and shop fittings, outdoor and sport articles. Our products help to express your image and personality, bring comfort and harmony to your home and office, and meet your expectations regarding safety, quality and price. Creating a family-like atmosphere and relationship with our customers and partners is the.

We work hard to provide our customers with wide range of high quality, well-accepted products and services all under one roof. We offer complete solutions and service for every household by providing worldwide-recognized, modern and innovative home styling and furnishing solutions using the latest technical achievements.

Nomin Home Style was established in December 2004 with the aim to provide our customer with a board selection of household goods for their convenience. We are proud to offer modern top quality product to our customers making their homes better and more colorful.

The main goal of our company is to become a nationwide leader and frontrunner in supplying well-accepted, high quality, technically innovative and intelligent household and home styling solution to every family.

Our product sold not only through 25 Nomin chain stores but also through many other stores to reach each and every single customer throughout the nation.

The main product categories are:

  • Household products (housewares, plastic ware, glassware, ironware, tableware, crystal ware, bedclothes)
  • Toys, baby products Nomin toys
  • Souvenirs and home decorations
  • Travel articles, bags and luggage
  • Outdoor and sport articles
  • Stationery and office supplies
  • Cleaning products

We blend yesterday’s refined elegance with today’s casual lifestyle.

Nomin toys emphasizes on the safety of our little customers. We offer high quality, safety-proven toys that meet international standards form PLAYMOBIL, KEEL TOYS, SIMBA, VTECH, DICKIE, NIKKO and TAMIYA. We are official distributor of baby products from PHILIPS AVENT and LUCKY BABY as well.

We offer wide range of travel, outdoor and sports products including luggage, rucksacks, hiking and trekking backpacks, portable toilets and multifunctional knives.  We officially distribute international brand such as TATONKA, THETFORD. High quality travel bags and luggage from EMINENT, TATONKA and NEWCOM are displayed at our travel department.

Stationery and office supplies are imported from all over the world. Our customers enjoy shopping a wide selection of well-known brands including STAEDTLER, MAPED, GOLD PAPERLINE, MILAN, LAMY, STABILO, CLAIREFONTAINE, RHODIA, CALLGRAPH, DONG-A, PAUL FRANK and ESSELTE. We are also an active player in B2B, B2G markets.

We are proud to provide high quality brands and products to our customers for their highest satisfaction.

Working under the motto “For those, who love their family”

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