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Nomin Insurance LLC was established in 2001 with two underwriters and a head of insurance department as a subsidiary of Nomin Holding LLC. As excellent management and sophisticated staff led our company to become one of the leading players with an extensive customer base in the market, our operation has been expanding thoroughly.

Our priority is to build up and keep a long lasting and effective relationship with our esteemed clients such as citizens, major enterprises, leading companies in foreign and domestic markets, government and non-government organizations and we aim to respond flexibly, quickly and professionally to the needs and requirements of our clients providing all types of standard insurance products.


2001 – Special license was issued to us to engage in insurance business.

2002- Engaged intensively in the market and started opening branches in provinces.

2003 – First insurance company to introduce comprehensive insurance service.

2005 – First company to introduce comprehensive travel insurance service

2008 – First company to introduce 24 hour call service

2009 – Launched insurance registration program

2010 – Chosen to be participant in Project for Developing Micro insurance Capacity initiated and implemented by UN Development Program with FRC

2012 – Started implementation of Compulsory Driver’s Liability insurance Law.

Our main features

  • A leading company by its indemnity rate
  • Flexible premium well associated with risks
  • Branches in every province throughout Mongolia.
  • Fast claims procedures;
  • Various kinds of discounts, benefits and additional services;
  • highly skilled and experienced professional staff
  • Capacity of covering all types of risks
  • 24 hour call service

Awards and Recognition

  • Top insurance company from “Grand Expo - 2012” by Mongolian Marketing and Management Institution
  • TOP INSURANCE COMPANY OF 2010 BY Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce.
  • Best Insurance Company of 2009 with its service and operation
  •  “Ulemjiin Chanar” award in 2007 for launching comprehensive insurance service in Mongolia
  • “Customer King” company in 2004
  • “The Best Service Brand of Mongolia” in 2003

Human resource

Our team which consists professionally trained and highly experienced staff in the market is a core factor of our success. We provide professional insurance service through 50 employees and 200 agents aiming to distribute our products to the every corner of Mongolia. Over 50 percent of our staff are professional insurance economists who graduated from most famous universities in Mongolia. One of the many management strategy is that our company genuinely care about the personal and professional development of our employees in that our staff regularly attends in international and national seminars, workshops and advanced trainings.  


           Since launching our operation in the market, we have been aiming to reach every one citizen and entity throughout Mongolia in that at present, we provide insurance service and products through 26 branches in 21 provinces, 2 branches and 3 agencies in Ulaanbaatar city. As we’re experiencing rapid expansion with our operation, we aim to keep our priority to bring even closer, more convenient service to our esteemed customers and clients.

Social Responsibility

As there hasn’t been any certain understanding or definition of social responsibility. In our understanding, we believe taking responsibility upon society is that our operation shall have a positive affect and influence over our employees, clients and customers, our country, society and natural environment and as being a subject of society it is our responsibility to dedicate our contribution to solve the problem in the development and well-being of our society.

As mentioned above, we are committed to responsible and transparent influence over society and within the range of Nomin Insurance LLC, we have been participating in many projects with various purposes but we mainly focuses on  decreasing changing environmental circumstances, protecting the wild nature and future and well-being of children. For example:

As a participant in Project of Developing Micro Insurance, we have provided those who have incomes even lower than minimum standard of living with health insurance personal accident insurance, explained the significance of such insurances, compensated them and brought our best effort to solve their social problems. We’re still focusing on putting our hands in these types of projects.

Every year, we organize a plantation project on river bench and basin of Tuul River.

As our contribution for decreasing poverty and unemployment, one of main factors of economic development, we bring our best effort to solve those issues in society by increasing job opportunities in the market and taking genuine care of our employees with their social problems.

Associating with Nomin Holding LLC and National Emergency Management Agency, Nomin Insurance LLC has an annual special tradition of organizing a comprehensive training for taking emergency measures during state of emergency throughout the country.

Through our Raffles agency, we’ve organizing charity project by linking those who have diagnosed with diseases incurable in Mongolia, with proper medical help and solving their medical problems.

In 2010, Nomin Insurance LLC donated, organized and sponsored a charity concert for Ch.Munkhsaikhan, a model and a supervisor at “Mongol Model” agency, for treatment abroad.  

Property insurances:

-  Property insurance

-  Real estate property insurance

-  Machinery insurance

-  Apartment and house insurance

-  Mortgage insurance

-  Product insurance

-  Motor vehicle insurance

-  Cargo insurance

-  Heavy machinery insurance

- Mining comprehensive insurance

-  Petroleum and oil comprehensive insurance

-  Aircraft hull insurance

-  Construction work comprehensive insurance

Life and health insurances:

-  Personal health insurance

-  Personal accident insurance

- Traveler’s insurance

-  Tourist’s health and personal accident insurance

-  Temporary disability insurance

Liability insurances:

-  Driver’s liability insurance

-  Compulsory driver’s liability insurance

-  Transporter’s liability insurance

-  Organizational liability/ general third party’s liability insurance

-  Goods and service liability insurance

-  All kinds of professional liability insurance

-  Legal liability insurance

-  Employer’s liability insurance

-  Aircraft hull owner’s liability insurance

Financial insurances:

-  Cash and stock insurance

-  Mortgage loan insurance

-  Mortgage life insurance

-  Business interruption insurance

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