About us

“Nomin Holding” has a 18 years experience in the trade and service sector, also has many year experience that is established the first self-service retail stores in the Mongolian market, which has been enhanced and developed the structural changes in the 2007 year, was a result to establish a joint stock limited company “Nomin Tav Trade” that “Marketing Service Industry”. We opened our branches in Ulaanbaatar city, as well as rural areas in Mongolia where are Darkhan Uul, Orkhon, East South, Sukhbaatar and Khovd aimag.

In 2014 year, we works in the wholesale and retail trade and service sectors with 3 departments stores, 10 wholesales, 7 hypermarkets, 6 supermarkets.

We are pioneer to establish a self-service supermarket system and operates our trade in the 120,000m2 where could become Nomin Chain stores to serve about 33,000 customers  in one day and serve more than 1 million customers in one month. We keep a quality and cheap price policy to reform our actions, cooperated with our business partners to reduce the operation costs and provide the guarantee of cheap price through low price level for our final customers.

Our main goal is provide a high quality and safety foods and customers products through highest satisfaction of service with cheap price and fast delivery service. In the trade sector, we have 1300 employees, constantly improves their skills and organizes the regular training in the workplace.

We keep successful marketing and management results continuosly, and the friendly service and good financial management arrangements and affordable pricing policy is a steady increase  the number customers of Nomin chain stores is an indicator of our performance. In additon, team work and deligent labor, technology innovations are made at time, is a result to create high successes through increased our sales.   

Every employees and business partners are our source of success. Our mission is considered the main interests of our partners and customers and operates our service in their needs. We cooperate with our import companies, as well as cooperate with our domestic producers and importers, and supported small and medium sized manufactures, craft workers with mutually benefition.

Stores’ furniture and technologies are equipped with Italian GEBAM brand technology, technology of refrigerator rooms are equipped by Little Duck Company technology and serves in the healthy and safety environment. We cooperate with Mongolian best banks for saving the time of our customers. Further, simplify our payment and finance system through transforming Mobifinance is ordered and performed at expiremental stage.