Majestic book store

Mongolian and foreign generation of best books and textbooks are sells in most comfortable and luxurious environment, is unique as it is our selling activities. Totally, literature-1500, science-50, linquistic-1200, cultural-400, historical and geographical-300, social studies-600 books and variety of textbooks for kids and students are sold with wide selection. Recently, Mongolians look upon as our “Mongolian Secret History” and coronate it in the honored side of home.  Over the 10 types of “Mongolian Secret History” are sold for young and newly married couples’ gift in Majestic book store.

We pay attention on the convenience of our customers at all times. For that purpose, we indicate the nature of our activities and on the other hand we opened fast food court for the comfort of our customers and placed piano music.  

Categories and addresses of majestic book store:

  • Majestic’s offer
  • Mongolian classic literature
  • Unique and special books
  • Mongolian folk tale
  • Best selling books etc

Such as unique and special address books are already familiar with the customers, enjoyed throughout the year.