Chairman's Message

Dear customers and partners. Welcome and thank you for visiting our website.

Almost 20 years ago, when Nomin Holding opened its doors to the first customer, we had a dream to become not only the leading company nationwide, but to represent our country worldwide. Our roadmap started with our mission to be an ever developing leader company that truly respects our customers and business partners, conducts our business with excellence in quality and speed, contributes extraordinary to the development of our country, and succeeds internationally.

I feel proud of our achievements and I cherish this opportunity to thank our partners, clients, customers and our wonderful team for your energy, strength and the magnitude of our shared vision. Nomin Holding owes its success to our strong willed, determined and ambitious team, ready to challenge existing distances, theories, beliefs, and regimes to make a better future.

It is my highest satisfaction to be aware of the our remarkable contribution to the sustainable growth of our nation thanks to the excellent work of our dedicated staff, superior experts, consultants and partners, which continue to make Nomin Holding a symbol of the most valid achievement in business.

Did we imagine the immerse magnitude and far-reaching influence of our dreams when we first founded Nomin Holding? I believe we did. And I do believe that we are fast moving to our long-ago dream to succeed internationally.

Sincerely, SH.Bayarsaikhan Founder and Chairman of Nomin Holding

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