Corporate Social Responsibility

There isn’t a universal definition of corporate social responsibility and every company implements it in its own way. Nomin Holding takes it as our operations and activities encourage a positive impact through our activities and actions on staff, customers, vendors, communities and environment. Also we are well aware of our contribution to tackle the issues decelerating sustainable development. In order to have positive reflection on society and to provide our clients with the highest quality products and services, quality control is there on every level of our projects and business.  
        We do not manufacture any environment or health harmful products such as alcoholic beverages, tobacco or drugs. We are active promoters of healthy lifestyle and sustainable development. Respecting and abiding human rights, consumers’ rights, international, regional and local laws and regulations has always been our mission. It takes a lot of effort and commitment to serve around 600,000 customers every month equally and ethically.  To understand and to serve our customers better, we have established a very first customer service center – the CallCenter – to receive and take measures on feedbacks, comments and complaints from our customers. Nomin Holding leads by example in making our voice heard in drafting and implementing state laws and regulations. We have been a trusted and transparent partner of the government in reporting value added tax, income tax, social insurance and so on. We try to deeply influence our vendors and business partners to be transparent and ethical. 
        Nomin Holding’s involvement is increasing in tackling the issues facing our communities and society; we are implementing specific programs and projects. We focus on two main areas: environmental issues and childcare. Our philosophy is simple yet very effective – we aim to teach them how to catch a fish instead of giving them a fish. We strive to create innovative, proactive and long-term solutions to societal and environmental challenges.

Here is the list of some of our corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs:

  1. “From Nomin to Nomin” international children’s day project – On every 1st of June Nomin Holding gives special International Children’s Day presents to all kids aged 0-12 if the word Nomin is part of their name.
  2. “Paint with Staedtler” drawing contest among kids aged 3-14 – Also part of series of events held during the International Children’s Day. Around 10,000 children actively participate in this fun-filled event collaborated with world-known German brand Steadtler.
  3. “Let’s Lighten Up the City” project – Replacing and renewing street lights with innovative Philips brand lights to lighten up our neighborhoods.
  4. “Clean As We Go” and “Go Green” projects – Projects dedicated to clean up certain areas especially river basins of Tuul and Selbe rivers, plant trees and promote eco-friendly technology.

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