Corporate Social Responsibility

We regard our corporate social responsibility as our commitment to have positive impact on our clients, customers, employees, communities, and the environment and to make our own contributions to solve and overcome challenges to long-term, sustainable development.  

  • Speed 125:

On the occasion of its 25th anniversary, Nomin Holding LLC is organizing “Speed 125” lucky draw sales promotion. The lucky draw sales promotion will continue for a period of one year until after the end of February 2018. Every person whose amount of single purchase made at any of the Nomin branches exceeded MNT50,000 anytime during this one-year period will be eligible to take part in the lucky draw contest. During this one-year period, 50 winners will be selected in total on 10 occasions of lucky draw contests. The winners will have 125 seconds to choose lucky draw prize goods of their choice at Nomin, which will be broadcast live on MNBC Television on the 25th day of every month. As of December 2017, there were 35 winners of Speed 125 lucky draw sales promotion, who chose goods and products worth 166,197 tugrug.     

  • Thanksgiving or Exclusive VIP Sale:

As a part of celebration of its 25th anniversary, Nomin Holding LLC organized a Thanksgiving or VIP Sale, to which all of our customers and clients were welcomed. Over 1500 guests, including Parliament Members, celebrities, public figures, valued partner companies, cardholders who earned 10% bonus promotion, and savings card holders were invited to attend this event. The event was full of surprises. For instance, if a single purchase amount exceeds MNT699,999, the purchaser earns a golden buzzer, which allows the same purchaser choose from 125 prize gifts worth MNT50.0 million. Additionally, special deals, discounts, sales promotions, and vouchers were offered at each floor of the State Department Store.                   

  • Black Friday Sales:

It has been over 10 years since Black Friday doorbuster deals originating from the US became global. Nomin Holding LLC successfully organized it for the third year. We offered Black Friday sales on 24 and 25 November 2017 at Nomin Department Store, Nomin United Department Store, Nomin Hypermarket located in Micro-district 13, and Nomin Standard, during which over 10,000 items of goods, including household goods, electrical and electronic goods, furniture, clothing, building materials, accessories, and beauty products were offered with discounts reaching up to 80 percent. For instance, our customers were happy to see that:

  • NEXEN Tires were MNT37,999 off of Original Price of MNT379,990;
  • C.S 12 pieces kitchen utensil sets were MNT99,990 off of Original Price of MNT349,990;
  • MONEL Refrigerators were MNT399,990 off of Original Price of MNT549,990;
  • All types of wallpapers of A.S. Creation were 50% off; and
  • All items of TERRANOVA AND CALLIOPE brands were 50% off.


  • 25 Millionaires For You:

As a part of celebration of its 25th anniversary, the Human Resources and Policy Division of Nomin Holding LLC announced 25 Millionaires For You, a contest targeted to promote the employee wellbeing. The contest ran for a period of 6 months from 01 June 2017 to 01 December 2017, during which 150 employees received a monetary reward of MNT150,000 each.      

  • “A Guide to Growth – The Nomin Team” Forum:

Celebrating Nomin Holding LLC’s 25th anniversary, Nomin Holding LLC and its subsidiaries are holding a forum to listen to the wishes, initiatives, and innovations of the executives and employees of the companies at all levels to get their voices heard, to discuss the challenges faced by the employees in implementing the current and future business policies and strategies within the framework of the company’s vision and values as the employees themselves feel, to identify the solutions for development together, and to implement the recommendations and decisions made at the forum. The forum consists of three sub-forums: “Opportunity and Growth/Development”, “Branding”, and “Customer Service Perfection”. Both employers and employees will ratify their promises to put the initiatives and innovations brought and suggestions made by the participants of the forum into action. This will allow all parties understand their responsibilities and work towards effective implementation. Furthermore, the employees will have the opportunity to receive comprehensive information about the Company’s growth policies, strategies, and management and get orientation on how to get actively involved in all these things. The forum also aims at creating employee satisfaction, motivating and inspiring the employees, improving organizational commitment amongst the employees, and promoting good company culture.                          

  • “It Is More Blessed To Give Than To Receive” Charity Campaign:

Nomin Holding LLC successfully carried out a give back campaign named “Giving is more blessed than receiving”, involving all of its subsidiaries, during the period from 09 to 25 May 2017 with a motto “We Are Committed To Helping and Caring”. Through the campaign, we wanted to cultivate and nourish a positive attitude in the community so that people spread love, compassion, inspiration, and emotional support to each other and children and youth help each other every day out of habit, not in a materialistic way, but with sincere, warm words, encouragement, and enthusiasm. As part of the campaign, the teams of 29 branches of Nomin Holding LLC gave gifts and donations to over 1000 children, including Mrs. Sarnai, who is taking care of 32 homeless and abandoned children, children at ERDEM children’s shelter in Songino-Khaikhan district, vulnerable children in Bayangol district, who are in need of care and protection, and children at "SMIL CHILD" shelter for disabled and paralyzed children.

The Nomin team delivered 2500 pieces of toys, 16000 pieces of school supplies, over 5000 items of clothing, 3 pieces of electronic goods, about 3000 pieces of household items, over 70 gifts, and 400 school bags.                    

  • New Year Celebration Starts with Nomin

Nomin Holding LLC has developed a tradition of celebrating the New Year and lighting up the Christmas tree together with children. This year marks the 7th occasion of such annual celebration. Children and youth patiently wait to come and attend this special occasion to light up the very first Christmas tree of the year. On 18 November 2017, we held the ceremony to light up the Christmas tree erected in front of the State Department Store, on the occasion of which we had a fun night together with children and youth watching circus performance.