1st floor, Misheel Mega Mall, Chinggis Avenue, Khan-Uul district, Ulaanbaatar 17140, Mongolia



The “Nomin Standard” LLC was established 2002 and this company is currently known not only as the engaged in the importation and supplies of the construction interior materials as the leading organization in the sector in the last 16 years but also as the organization working hard to assure the delivery of the world-known branded materials made in high quality and with the advanced technologies to their customers without any negative factors to the environment and human bodies.

Nomin Misheel LLC is created  in Jan 2018 as a result of the merging operations of Nomin Standard and MMM Trade LLC. The company set up the first hypermarket of construction interior materials in Mongolia, providing a total area of 4350 squar meters, the latest innovative fashion showroom, 120 different customer's products and all kinds of construction materials.

The current and future positions

Since its establishment, the “Nomin Misheel” LLC is always worked to deliver high quality construction products and materials that kept their own colors and designs to its customers. Our company is working with the goals to improve the satisfaction of our customers, to occupy the leading place in the sector and to become an example company for others.

Our Advantages:

  • All kinds of interior building materials are centered together
  • Broad choice of goods
  • Nomin Bonus card discount
  • Designing a service
  • Providing VAT documents
  • Cooperation with business entities with barter conditions
  • Great commercial experience
  • It is located in a low-risk area of Ulaanbaatar city
  • There are many advantages such as parking space and parking lots.

Our company is engaged in the importation and sales of the products and  materials from Germany, Russia, Spain, Italy and China that already well-known in the global market and also our company showed its abilities to give a large selection of the products from one place to its customers.


  • The winning title and cup the “Most Reliable Partner for the Capital city’s Customers ” from the Consumer Rights Protection Association of the Capital city (2003)
  • “The Best Participator” award from the “Development of the Ulaanbaatar city” Expo (2004)
  • “The Best Participator” award from the “Development of the Ulaanbaatar city” Expo (2005)
  • An award as the “Best Participator and Brand Marketer” from the international Construction Expo (2008)
  • The “Best Importer”, “Best of the Best in Construction  Sector” awards from  Construction Expo (2009)
  • The “Most Reliable Partner-Organization”, “Best Importer of the Decorative Materials” and  “Best Participator and Brand Marketer” awards from the Construction Expo (2010)
  • The “Best Importer” award from the International Construction Expo (2011)
  • The “Best Importer” award from the International Construction Expo (2011)