Nomin Department Store

Nomin Department Store: Started our fist activiy in Bayangol district on the 7th koroo at Enebish street, in the 1st of July in 2006 year.

Nomin Department Store has 9452 meter total area. In 2014 the capital repair has made for following changes by working hand with modern era of success.

  • In B1 floor area of 1700m2 has Nomin Supermarket, beauty salon, flower department
  • In the 1st floor area of 2300m2 has Nomin fashion Terranova brand, Nomin Electronics, Nomin cosmetic, Nomin energy
  • In the 1st floor of left side of area 219 m2 has kids toy and clothes
  • In the 2nd floor area of 1739m2 has Nomin electronics, Nomin fashion “Calliope” brand
  • In the 3rd floor area of 1174m2 has mobile operators, travel department, woman and man clothes, underdress, kids clothes
  • In the 4th floor area of 1174m2 has mobile phone and keep faith with facilities for mobile, beauty salon
  • In the 5th floor are of 1174 m2 has multiple nationalities’ foods, home furnishings, books and stationary goods.

B1 floor area of 1700 m2 has Nomin Supermarket is performed an operation of shop. Two hundred suppliers 15000 kinds of foods, consumer goods, and the organization of modern hardware store has been conducting operations in the may of 2014 year. B1 floor operates a total of 60 employees. Nomin Cosmetic Company imports world famous cosmetics brands, watches sales are located. Also, electricity generator department is opened to working. Eastern part of the department store has new kids’ toys, cloth necessity and new year trade are commerce in wide selection of choices.

1st and 2nd floor has Nomin fashion “Calliope’ brand, Nomin Electronics’ specialty store of global brands that ”SONY, SAMSUNG, BEKO, GORENGE, HITACHI, LG, SHARP, TOSHIBO, HISSENSE, PRENCES DELONGE, PHILIPS, ARISTON, YAMAHA, KENWOOD, MONEL” more than 70 brand of electronic products are trades and offers for the customers.

3rd floor has Mongolian large mobile companies, woman and man clothing, home and underdress trade, kids and sport & travel apparel and facilities are sold.

4th floor has concentrated under one comprehensive maintenance services that varities of mobile phone sales and accessories.

On the 5th floor has International food network, Nomin Home Style’s household goods by Germany and the Czech Republic, Italy, the Netharlands, Tailand, Korea, United States and books, stationary goods are sold.

Daily and consumer all products are buy complexity by one can get bellow from our department store, moreover capacity to serve 7000 people a day.

Approximately 100 car parking spaces in the outside and operates as a total of 170 jobs.  

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