Nomin Energy

"Nomin United" Khan-Uul district, Chinggis Avenue, Ulaanbaatar 17042, Mongolia, 210136, P.O.Box 2316




In recent years, along with a rapid development of new technology, environmentally friendly and healthy, cost effective and smart products and solutions have been developed and a large number of novel applications have been created in a worldwide. To keep up with this speed and trend and to deliver those high qualities, environmentally friendly, energy-efficient and smart technologies to our customers, Nomin Holding Company has established “Nomin Energy” branch.


To deliver to our customers completely high quality and state-of-art and famous brands of energy products such as lights, lighting fixtures, electrical wiring devices, energy-efficient heating equipments, renewable energy equipments, and portable power generators to fulfill energy need of our customers whenever and wherever, with guaranteed quality and satisfaction as a official distributor.


We are aiming to increase the usage of most advanced, cost effective and eco-friendly electrical products that benefits our customers and to become the market leader in this sector.


  • We are aiming to introduce and make customer’s common use the lights and lighting fixtures with high-quality, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly technology, and to become the leading company in this field. Our customer-focused strategy is to supply cost-effective lights, lighting fixtures based on the most advanced technology and innovative design, as well as to provide professional service on lighting design solutions to meet their need, well-being and convenience.
  • In addition, we are working to supply to our customers world branded low voltage electrical devices with high class and top quality, which will confirm the safety and reliability.
  • We are aiming to supply new technology renewable energy products, portable power generators and water pumps which are able to fulfil the needs in remote rural areas, resorts and tourist camps in the country.

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